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Overdue update Mar. 26th, 2009 @ 11:30 pm
With all the things going on in my life, sometimes it is hard to put anything with real meaning down on these digital pages. I find in writing this that is still essentially true as the words pale in comparison to the reality, but perhaps somewhere down the road these entries will help reignite the memories in my noggin.

Sam is slated to come home and live with me. First I must train on the vent and anything else I need to learn to care for him, but train like a kung fu master I will because it means having him home and with family and finally being on the road to true healing. We also have to find home nursing care in our area.

My baby girl Aurelia was born Jan. 30th at 7lb 11oz. I got to deliver her. Awesomeness! She is SUCH a sweetie. And an easy keeper. Here's a couple pics with me, mommy and the cutie.

We also celebrated Ander's 2nd birthday back in December. He went straight for the candle just like his big sis did.

I've got more to say but I'm pooped, so let's see if I come back to this later.

Clan LaBrasseur Holiday Wishes Dec. 20th, 2008 @ 10:57 pm
To all of our friends and loved ones, we hope you stay warm and well fed this fierce holiday season.

Happy Yule, Merry Christmas and Chappy Chanukah!

Here are some recent pics of the family:

- Tae making Dickerdoodle cookies. Debating on telling the kids this is how the gingerbread man came about. - (To my friends of the Jewish persuasion, we're afraid the cookie rabbi uhmmm accidentally castrated your dickerdoodles during the circumcision)

- Boys playing Wii. Ander is honing his skills early. That's my boy!

- We have a wolfish visitor at times. His name is Tundra.

- The kids are loving the snow!

- Trystan teaching Ander how to play Dance Dance Revolution.

- His 2nd birthday. Went for the flame just like Des.

Love and good wishes to all.

~Clan LaBrasseur

Renegade Jack is home Sep. 24th, 2008 @ 07:56 pm
Brett and I are now co-owners of a 16.2 chestnut American Saddlebred gelding. 13 years old.

His name is Renegade Jack.

I worked with him a bit when he got here. He is a high stepping pretty boy. American Saddlebred through and through. About as tall as Mercury at the withers but with a much longer neck.

Did some halter work with him, then did some round penning with him and finally got on his back and rode him. He goes at the push of a button and stops on a dime. Tis very nice indeed! I think he will be an awesome gaming horse.

Tired now. More later.

You're welcome Sep. 9th, 2008 @ 10:45 am

A daddy once more Sep. 3rd, 2008 @ 08:54 pm
Looks like I'm having another little girl. :)
Other entries
» Pasture and Horse Journal 8-28-08
We now have quite a bit of baby grass growth that shouldn't be there for 3 more weeks. Lots of seeds still haven't germinated yet.

Rode Mesa in the September Crown Tournament. Made it to the finals and went head to head with Miranda. Eventually scored 4th place, which apparently is no small feat. I certainly did not expect to make it that far. However, 4th place is not 1st and I'll keep striving till I get there. Type A personality and all that.

Mesa apparently escaped in the middle of the night several times. I'm not exactly sure what happened but each time afterward in the morning she was acting as if she had been abused. Don't know if she had been mishandled but regardless of what happened, she had a relapse from when she was abused in her previous working existence. I was very unhappy about this for two reasons. 1) My horses are my family. 2) I really wanted to ride on Sunday.

I will need to do a lot of work to bring her back to a mental place where she can trust people fully again.

I will be camping next to my horses in the future to make sure I am the one that handles my horses.
» Chocolate Babies and Lifting Iron
In my ongoing effort to reduce my Chocolate Baby ~pats tummy~, my powerlifting workout continues apace.

My stats are now:

180lb Squats
110lb Bench Press
110lb Overhead Press
110lb Barbell Rows
200lb Deadlift
Pull ups 3 x Failure
Chin ups 3 x 5 consistently now. Adding +5lbs each chin up work out now.

Workout is 3 times a week. Typically Tuesday, Thurs or Friday, and Sunday. Workouts are rotated like this:

Workout A
Squats 5x5
Bench Press 5x5
Barbell Row 5x5
Pull ups

Workout B
Squats 5x5
Overhead Press 5x5
Deadlift 1x5 - I tend to do sets until severe muscle fatigue or until I reach 5x5 since it is the last workout.
Chin ups

I currently add +10lb to each Squat workout. +5lb to each Bench, Barbell, Overhead. +20 each Deadlift.

Haven't had to soft deload yet. Go, body, go! Goal is 1.5x bodyweight on the squat, 2x bodyweight on the deadlift and bodyweight on bench, overhead and barbell. So 300lb squats, 400lb deadlifts, 200lb bench, overhead, barbell.

If I keep eating right, warming up and lifting carefully I think I'll be able to hit that goal without a soft deload. I ought to see that goal on squats within 1 month. That may allow me to propel my other lifts up to a +10lb per workout.
» Pasture, garden and horse journal 8-28-08
Maybe I'll just call my notes "Agriculture journal" because that seems to be what it is turning into.

I have endured a stunted pasture long enough. I didn't help it much by overgrazing it without any form of educated rotation. I am in the process of fixing that.

The arena portion of the pasture has been limed. It has also been overseeded with:
35.30% Perennial Ryegrass
24.50% Potomac Orchardgrass
19.60% Annual Ryegrass
13.72% Kemal Festulolium
05.88% Timothy

All seeds have a 90% germination rate and all are from Oregon except the Timothy which is from Canada. Where in Canada I'm not sure as the sack does not mention.

Having done a bit of research on each of the grasses I think this will be a very good straight grass, non-legume pasture. While it hasn't been tested, the arena portion of the pasture grows no clover which indicates in addition to compacted ground and poor drainage, sandy soil, a low ph level. Additionally there are small incidences of moss - liming the pasture will hopefully bring the ph level up in these areas to grow grass which requires a ph level of at least 6.0. It should also allow the phosphorous from the horse manure to more readily mix with the soil.

After liming and seeding, fully composted, half composted, and some fresh manure was added to the pasture through much sweat and labour. After the piles were all spread out evenly, I attached a makeshift landscaping rake to the back of the van by wiring 6 cinder blocks to some old pasture fencing and tying the whole thing on. With the landscaping rake in place, I spread the manure more evenly over the entirety of the pasture by driving around and listening to Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm.

The entirety of the pasture ought to have germinated and grown respectably before the coming winter frosts. Horses will be kept off pasture until after first spring growth.

Pasture will be divided into 4 growing paddocks, 1 sacrifice paddock, all with lane access to the barn and front gate. Horses will be rotated between paddocks every 7 days which will allow 21-28 days of recovery time for the grass.

Manure in the growth paddocks will be spread, not composted, to ensure high nitrogen and growth levels but grazed to ensure a robust root structure that will survive a bit of overgrazing or a particularly long or wet winter.

If I have time before the frosts, I will mulch mow the pasture at 6 inches down to 2-3 inches one or two times to ensure a thick, healthy root structure after germination.


Not bringing Mercury to September Crown this event. He got worms sometime earlier this month and I didn't catch it until last tuesday. Mesa will be sufficient if I handle her right. She doesn't have the stamina that Merc does, but if I allow her to rest every 45 minutes or so she ought to be good to go the whole weekend. I'm sure she's itching to get out of the sacrifice paddock. I'm really looking forward to trying mounted archery on her as I know she'll stay in gait.


The garden is kaput this year. Sam's fall upended many things, the garden became collateral damage in the fight for priorities. With his homecoming imminent, I've been able to dedicate some energy that way. I am debating lifting out the entirety of the turf so the grass doesn't grow back in that area and turning it into a compost bed until spring. We'll have to stop adding items approx 2-3 months before spring planting to have a healthy, fertile bed. If done right I should be able to maintain a 10 inch bed of fertile soil. That much horse shit ought to be easy to come by.

Roma and cherry tomatoes will be grown. I'm currently making a list of other food items that I want to grow. Suggestions for crop that is plentiful is this area are definitely welcome!
» You have gained a level in Agriculture!
Ok I think I'm beginning to understand nitrogen, phosphate and potassium levels more.

I also have a much more healthy respect for maintaining a healthy compost pile and a healthy pasture. I don't want to live in this place for any longer than absolutely necessary, but if we must I am going to turn this pasture into a lush grass jungle! (Consarnit!)

Tae and Trystan were awesome in helping me shovel god knows how many pounds of composted horse shit (read: dirt) onto the pasture and spreading it out. Hooray for family that loves you.
» For the love of horse
Limed, reseeded and began spreading manure on the pasture. My hope is that it will grow into a lush, glorious, full bodied, delicious jungle of a pasture.

If nothing else, I learned a lot about simple agriculture.

Oh, for the love of horse. Still so much more poop to go.
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